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About Buick
Much like Cadillac and Oldsmobile, Buick was long considered to be one of General Motors' stodgier nameplates. Automotive barges like the '70s-era Buick LeSabre and Buick Century only served to solidify such impressions.

Times have changed, and along with them, Buick has adapted to meet the demands of the modern car buyer. Rear-wheel-drive sedans boasting acres of sheet metal have been replaced by contemporary front-wheel-drive models including the Buick Lucerne and Buick LaCrosse, and the Buick Enclave crossover represents today's equivalent to wood-paneled Buick wagons of yesteryear. However, as proof that the marque's past retains its due share of respect, some Buicks feature portholes on the hood, four of which signify the presence of a powerful V8 engine.

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