Not too many people associate a Camry with the chirping of tires from a dead stop. But it turns out two extra cylinders make a vast difference in America's best-selling car.

The majority of Camrys are powered by a 4-cylinder engine, and for most people it provides the perfect blend of power, efficiency and refinement. And with the 2015 Camry getting a significant revamp, this family sedan is more competitive than ever.

But for drivers who want considerable more oomph, there's the 2015 V6 Camry. In place of the standard 178 horsepower, 2.5-liter 4-cylinder is a 3.5-liter V6 doles out 268. Those 90 extra horses provide an invigorating and satisfying amount of thrust in Toyota's midsize sedan. Put a little too much mustard on the throttle and it's easy to unwittingly chirp the tires. This happened to me just moments after sliding into Toyota's freshly updated Camry, which made me feel at once sheepish yet mischievous. After all, this is a responsible person's sedan, not some hot-rod, right?

Still a Camry, and that's a good thing

We'll label it "responsible with an asterisk." The Camry V6 has all the comfort, quiet and easy driving manners that make the Camry, well, the Camry, while offering deep wells of power that make getting up to speed on a freeway or passing a cinch. It's the best of both worlds for buyers who want the positive attributes that make this Toyota a segment leader along with plenty of get-up and go.

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With greater power come greater costs, both in price and efficiency. Regarding the latter, the V6 has a fuel economy rating of 21 mpg city/31 highway, compared with the 4-cylinder's 25/35 mpg figures. Still, combined fuel economy is 25 mpg, only 3 mpg less the 4-cylinder Camry's 28 combined rating. Pricing is where the V6 takes the steeper climb. Stepping into a 6-cylinder Camry requires moving up to the higher XSE or XLE trims, which start in the mid-$30,000 range. A base 4-cylinder Camry, by contrast, starts just under $24,000 -- but of course doesn't come with all the goods of a higher-trim model. Our test model, a 2015 Camry XLE V6 loaded with premium amenities like leather interior, navigation and blind-spot monitoring, slotted in near $35,000.

That's the top end for a 2015 Camry, but with the V6 and the accoutrements one gets in such a higher-priced model, it feels more like a premium car, blurring the line between mainstream and luxury.

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