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Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry

By Editors on April 22, 2014 2:57 PM
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Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota CamryEditors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 1Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 2Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 3Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 4Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 5Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 6Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 7Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 8Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 9Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 10Editors' Page: 2014 Toyota Camry 11

If there's one thing America likes more than an underdog, it's a sure thing.

Most shoppers in the market for a midsize sedan place comfort, quality, and value at the top of their must-have list. While the majority of new cars easily meet these rather elemental qualifications, the Toyota Camry marches on as the best-selling car of the last 12 years – and by a healthy margin.

Despite its sales prowess, however, the Camry doesn't lead the pack when it comes to technology, driver involvement or even fuel-efficiency. So what's the X-factor that sets it apart from other midsizers? The answer largely boils down to the Camry's long-refined practical persona and unwavering reputation for reliability. Simply put, the Toyota Camry stands as one of the smartest buys for your money.

In the Driver's Seat

Our review of the 2014 Toyota Camry highlights the sedan's driving dynamics and quiet interior: "The 2014 Camry delivers a better ride than past models, with handling and response that would likely amaze and delight previous owners. The steering imparts confidence, both in feel and the precision of its directional stability, and the rigid body structure and compliant suspension take up the bumps and turns with smooth grace. Along with the commendable ride and handling, the 2014 Camry also gets high marks for its quiet interior, which might even seem somewhat eerily silent."

Gas-Electric Variant

Delivering the best power-to-efficiency ratio in the lineup, the second-generation Camry Hybrid makes a compelling case for itself. Squashing the stigma of sluggish hybrids, the Camry Hybrid pairs a 4-cylinder gas engine with a high-voltage electric motor for a net output of 200 horsepower, topping the Ford Fusion Hybrid by 12 marks. As you might have guessed, the Camry Hybrid is decidedly quicker than the conventional 4-cylinder version.

Switching over to fuel consumption, the 2014 Camry Hybrid LE achieves an EPA-estimated 43/39 city/highway rating, while the slightly heavier XLE trim drops those figures by three and one, respectively. Although on paper the Camry Hybrid's fuel efficiency stats aren't quite as good as the Fusion Hybrid's 44/41 rating, our real-world results indicate that both vehicles return combined fuel economy figures in the low 40-mpg range.

First Look: 2015 Toyota Camry

Due for a mid-cycle refresh after three model years in its current form, the Camry has instead undergone a dramatic redesign for 2015. An overhaul prompted by increasingly stiff competition in the midsize sedan segment, the 2015 Toyota Camry will go on sale this summer with an entirely new look, an upgraded interior and even sportier sport versions. Get your first look in the video below.

Awards and Praise

The current-generation Toyota Camry is among the highest rated cars by visitors, and the Camry Hybrid earned a spot on this year's list of 10 Best Hybrid Cars Under $30,000, and we named Toyota a Best Brand for 2014 for Best Resale Value.

Caught on Video

What's the shame in being an appliance? Watch as we give the 2014 Toyota Camry a thorough shakedown.

Price Range

Opening at just over $23,000, the Toyota Camry carries the highest starting price in the segment, commanding a near-$500 premium over the base version of the Honda Accord, and roughly $1,500 over the Mazda6 and Volkswagen Passat. On the ground, though, Toyota is piling on incentives to keep its best-seller at the top of the sales charts, meaning the Camry is just as affordable as its peers, if not more so. And because the Camry sells in such high numbers, finding one that satisfies your particular tastes shouldn't be difficult. Build and price a 2014 Toyota Camry right here at to unlock its Fair Purchase Price, 5-Year Cost to Own and more.

The Connected Camry

The 7th-generation Camry was the first vehicle to feature Toyota's smartphone-based infotainment system, Entune. In a nutshell, Entune provides vehicle-friendly access to an assortment of popular mobile apps and data services from behind the wheel. Care to take a visual test drive of Toyota's smartphone integration platform? Take a look at our Entune video review.


The Toyota Camry is easily one of the most recommendable vehicles on the road today, but the midsize sedan segment is no longer a two-horse race between the Camry and Accord. There are currently 12 midsize sedans to choose from, each with varying degrees of comfort, technology, athleticism and, of course, value. Explore our 2014 Midsize Sedans page to determine which model is right for you.



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