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What is Kelley Blue Book® Certified Pre-Owned Value and How Do I Use it?

When shopping for a certified used vehicle, our Kelley Blue Book Certified Pre-Owned Value can be a valuable ally in negotiating the final price.

How we determine Kelley Blue Book Certified Pre-Owned Value

In calculating Kelley Blue Book Certified Pre-Owned Value, we take into account the dealers' profit, costs for advertising, sales commissions and other costs of doing business - just as we do for the Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Value - while also factoring in any value associated with the certified used program. For most vehicles, Certified Pre-Owned coverage typically increases market value by a few thousand dollars.

How you can use Kelley Blue Book Certified Pre-Owned Value

The Kelley Blue Book Certified Pre-Owned Value is representative of dealers' asking prices for a used car covered by the automaker's CPO program, and the starting point for negotiation between a consumer and a dealer. The final sale price may vary according to the vehicle's actual condition, popularity, type of warranty offered and local market conditions. In other words, it's the price you should expect a dealer to ask - not always the price you should pay.

CPO Program Details

Not all CPO programs are created equal. How does the one you're considering stack up?