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Above Average: Reputation, resale value, comfort, ease, standard safety

Below Average: Lack of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Consensus: Still just as comfortable, with a new sense of driving spirit 


Totally redesigned for 2018, is Toyota's midsize sedan now officially an extrovert?

The Camry's rock-solid reputation for quality and value have long been enough to attract hundreds of thousands of buyers every year, but some shoppers are looking for a little more personality. Now they can have it all. Not only is the boldly styled eighth-generation 2018 Toyota Camry roomier inside and more fuel-efficient, but it also boasts new engines and a new suspension. Another huge bonus: the Camry has an expanded list of safety features, including the Toyota Safety Sense suite which is standard on all models. The new Camry is prepped for success, even as an all-new Honda Accord and significantly updated Hyundai Sonata enter the market for 2018. 

In the Driver's Seat

From our 2018 Toyota Camry review: "The 2018 Camry feels tauter than the outgoing model, and the steering is more precise. The new 8-speed automatic transmission is a solid partner and in some models can even be shifted via paddles. The standard 4-cylinder engine that powers the majority of Camrys will suffice for most buyers and has a satisfying blend of performance and efficiency."

Toyota Camry Shoppers Also Look At

Camry Hybrid

One of the most pleasant surprises of the new Camry is the hybrid lineup. As it has done in the past, Toyota offers three different hybrid models. If you want the most fuel-efficient model, the XE, you can enjoy combined fuel economy of 52 mpg, which is a whopping 12 mpg higher than the fuel economy of last year's Camry Hybrid XE. Rounding out the line are the sportier SE and more luxurious XLE. During a recent drive we noted that "power delivery felt excellent in this initial test. Transitions between the gasoline engine and electric motor were seamless, and the extra oomph from the electric system always felt readily available. The regen brake system, too, is laudable with none of the 'grabby-ness' that hampered other hybrids from years ago."

Build and Price

Opening at just more than $24,000, Toyota introduced the new L base trim level for 2018. Moving up the ladder, the LE starts at just under $25,000, followed by the SE at a hair over $26,000. The more luxurious XLE starts at under $30,000, while the sporty Camry XSE runs about $39,000 fully loaded. If you want a Camry Hybrid, prices will range from under $29,000 for an LE to over $33,000 for a topline XLE. Build and price a 2018 Toyota Camry right here at to unlock its Fair Purchase Price, 5-Year Cost to Own and more.

The Right One for You?

The 2018 Toyota Camry may be the most appealing one ever, but our Midsize Sedan Buyer's Guide is filled with attractive alternatives you don't want to overlook before making your final decision.

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