Like many dream cars, this Italdesign Geneva show concept is very unlikely for production as shown, but some of its ideas may find their way into future Volkswagen vehicles.

Called the Clipper, the six-passenger electric hatchback has a contemporary appearance but is otherwise unremarkable-until its four side doors open up. Then it looks like something that might have been inspired by a Swiss Army knife.

The front doors open scissor style, while the back doors are gullwings that incorporate the B pillar, easing access to the second- and third-row seats. With every portal open, the Clipper exudes a sense of impending flight.

The foundation for the concept is Volkswagen's versatile MQB modular architecture, and the concept rides on a 109.8-inch wheelbase. Length, width, and height are 178.5, 61.1, and 75.4 inches, respectively. Propulsion is by a pair of 147-horsepower electric motors, one for each axle, giving the Clipper all-wheel drive. 

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Power goes to the 20-inch wheels via a single-speed transmission, and while the Clipper is no lightweight at almost two tons (3968 pounds), top speed is claimed to be 127 miles per hour. More remarkable, the company cites a maximum range of 335 miles for the car, though specific info for the battery pack was not forthcoming.

Inside the Clipper is a festival of digital information with a floating instrument cluster spread over two screens, and an 11-inch touchscreen in the center console for infotainment functions. There's also a quartet of iPad Minis faired into the front and second-row seatbacks for connectivity and entertainment purposes.

Italdesign Giugiaro is now a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, which accounts for the Clipper's MQB platform.  


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