2016 Honda Accord Buyer's Guide

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Honda Accord

Starting Price: $23,840 (with automatic transmission) | Build

Above Average: Driving refinement, reliability, resale value

Below Average: Infotainment interface

Consensus: One of the most reputable and recommendable cars in the country


If the country ever has to decide on just one car, we need to take a long look at the Accord.

Just for fun we asked Google how many times the terms "Accord" and "gold standard" have appeared together on KBB.com over the years, but the results were spotty. The exercise itself, however, conveys the point: The Honda Accord remains a benchmark not just for the midsize sedan category, but for the entire automotive industry. And for 2016, the benchmark gets even better, with updated styling, a more rigid body and retuned suspension.

Backed by a decades-deep reputation for dependability, reliability and value, the Accord is also defined and distinguished by its uniquely nuanced refinement. From the feel of the door handle to the response of the gas pedal, the Accord just feels good. And those subconsciously satisfying details are key reasons the Accord remains a favorite family sedan of the car enthusiast and journalist crowds.

Driving It

A few driving impressions from our full review: "The bread-and-butter Accord is the 4-cylinder with the CVT automatic transmission, a combination that delivers surprisingly quick acceleration, excellent fuel economy and smooth operation. Even with four passengers onboard acceleration is strong, as is power for passing and merging."

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Awards for Accords

We expect the 2016 Honda Accord to receive plenty of praise again this year as it did in 2015. It took the top spot in KBB.com's 10 Best Sedans Under $25,000 for 2015, and was one of Kelley Blue Book's 15 Best Family Cars of 2015 and one of the 10 Most Comfortable Cars Under $30,000. So far the 2016 model has picked up where the 2015 left off: the Accord was on the podium for both the 2016 Best Resale Value Awards and the 5-Year Cost to Own Awards in the Mid-Size Car category.

Hybrid Options

Even though Honda discontinued its Accord Plug-In Hybrid, the company has introduced a new 2017 Accord Hybrid with a new 2-motor setup. While it won't be an Accord, a plug-in hybrid will join Honda's lineup in the near future. The new plug-in is expected to arrive in 2017 as part of the Honda Clarity series.

The Other Accord

In addition to the sedan, Honda also offers the Accord in a sportier, sleeker coupe version. The coupe receives the same updates -- namely, new looks and a more rigid body -- as the sedan. The 2016 Honda Accord Coupe lives in the shadow of its ubiquitous sedan sibling, but it's a great way to get every ounce of Accord goodness (minus two doors and several cubic feet of interior volume) without driving the same 4-door sedan that more than 300,000 people will purchase this year alone.

Build and Price

The 2016 Honda Accord sedan starts pretty well equipped at under $23,000 and just crests $35,000 for an Accord Touring with a V6 engine, leather, moonroof, navigation and adaptive cruise control, among other features. How much should you really pay? Build and price a 2016 Honda Accord the way you like it to unlock its Fair Purchase Price, 5-Year Cost to Own and more.

Comparison Test

The Honda Accord was one of five midsize sedans we drove 600 roundtrip miles from Southern California to Lake Las Vegas, Nevada, as part of our 2016 Midsize Sedan Comparison Test.

More Midsize Sedans

The Honda Accord is indeed a special car, but today it's one of many great choices in the midsize sedan segment. Check out our Midsize Sedan Buyer's Guide to get a handle on all your good options.


Photo Gallery: Honda Accord Inside and Out


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