In my neighborhood street sweeping occurs on Thursdays and Fridays, 8:00 a.m. until 10 a.m. Naturally, when 7:59 a.m. rolls around there is a Purge-like frenzy as normally sedate neighbors jockey to seize any car-sized vacancy on the correct side of the street. As an unplanning idiot I frequently join that lawless Purge. As of late, the vacancy I’m searching for is slightly larger than Kelley Blue Book’s long-term 2018 Infiniti QX30.

In another era parking the QX30 might’ve proved tricky. While dimensionally small the QX has some notable blind spots, specifically over the driver’s right shoulder. I guess that’s the price we pay for swishy design flourishes alá Infiniti’s energetic C-pillar treatment. Anyway, the view out might not be great but the QX30 compensates with technology. Sweet technology.

Around-View Monitor to the rescue

Infiniti was an early adopter of 360-degree camera systems. They titled their system “Around-View Monitor”. In essence these systems take imagery from multiple cameras and stitch them together to creates the illusion of a bird’s eye view from above the vehicle. This magical real-time view is displayed on the car’s touchscreen offering the driver unparalleled situational awareness. If a nerf ball is hurled at your vehicle and lands adjacent the passenger side rear wheel, you will see it.

As you’d imagine, the QX30’s Around-View Monitor system pays huge dividends in the high-stakes battle known as street sweeping day. Supreme visibility lets me, as the driver, take bigger parking risks, venturing into spaces I might not otherwise dare. Yes, the QX30’s nose is clear of that bumper. I am on the proper trajectory toward the curb. No, a loose Shetland pony has not cozied up against the rear fascia. I can divebomb the long-term QX30 into spots, confident that Around-View Monitor will support my bold and daring journey…or at least unveil my parking-related hubris before an impact.

Just one quirk

It should be noted that the Infiniti QX30’s camera system has one annoying quirk. While it automatically activates when the gear selector is placed in reverse when D-for-drive is engaged the camera system turns off. Meaning, after inching your way rearward into a modestly-sized car nook as soon as you creep forward to finalize your position the system shuts off. Ok, when that happens it’s possible to manually activate the camera but should I have to? If Around-View Monitor has been activated and immediately thereafter the QX30 is creeping forward at less than 1 mile per hour let’s just assume I’m still parking. How lovely that these are the kind of problems with which we concern ourselves!?

Aside from occasionally having to press the camera button Kelley Blue Book’s Infiniti QX30 long-term test car is a brilliantly parkable car. It’s a nearly ideal blend of size and technology that makes every parking maneuver infinitely easier. In the future my daughter will marvel that there was an era where humans were allowed to move massive automobiles without the benefit of unfettered visibility. In that moment I hope she and I can share a good laugh. But I’ll probably gone, scouting for a car-sized vacancy. 

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