Our long-term 2017 Nissan Titan Pro-4X has served us well; it’s taken various staff members off road, hauled loads and mainly performed well in general commuting to and from work. Like owners who rely on pickups as their daily drivers, we’ve come to appreciate just how darn useful and comfortable this V8-powered half-ton truck can be. 

Granted, a vehicle this size and weight and powered by an engine that puts out 390 horsepower isn’t going to be the most fuel efficient thing on four wheels. Still, we’ve seen mileage ranging anywhere from 11 to 12 mpg in city and between 20 and 21 mpg on highway jaunts. With gas prices at their lowest point in years, fueling this beast is less of a concern than it was when gas was closing in on $4 per gallon here in California. And that view of fuel consumption is shared elsewhere where gas is now less than $2 per gallon and has contributed to the fact that truck sales are outstripping passenger cars.

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Riding high in the saddle

The higher ride height of our 4-wheel-drive Pro-4X contributes to its ease of operation. The large glass area, including the dip in the front side glass, adds to the panoramic forward view and Nissan’s back-up and around-vehicle camera views help immensely when wheeling this monster around parking lots and garages. An amply boosted power steering system contributes to that maneuverability.

Being able to see and having plenty of grunt underfoot (torque is 394 lb ft) from the 5.6-liter V8 is great for passing and merging. Equally important, the 7-speed transmission does its part in making the Titan a breeze in everyday driving. The shifts are smooth, almost imperceptible and it doesn’t take much effort to summon a downshift with a press of the accelerator. This is a well-sorted drivetrain that has the muscle well-matched to the vehicle’s mass.

While the Titan has plenty of car-like amenities, keep in mind it still is a rugged half-ton pickup. As a result there is a bit of jump in its step, especially when the cargo bed is empty and you’re traversing uneven freeway pavement. Part of this is due to the slightly stiffer off-road Pro-4X package. Still, in most everyday stop and go driving, there is enough give in the live rear axle and length between the axles to provide a moderately comfortable ride. So far, we’ve found that the Titan Pro-4X offers a multi-talented pickup that has good on- and off-road abilities that can function quite well as a daily driver.

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