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If you have a large family and owning a full-size SUV holds no appeal, the next best method for getting them to and fro is the venerable minivan. Though it probably won't garner many admiring glances or flashing thumbs-up, Ford's Freestar is more than competent at carrying large numbers of passengers and/or vast amounts of cargo. The Freestar offers a roomy and highly versatile interior, has a good safety and crash-test record and features a long list of optional equipment demanded by today's multi-media-savvy families. What the Freestar lacks is class-leading horsepower (though its torque ratings are excellent), the option of an extended body, all-wheel-drive and a strong resale value.

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2007 Ford Freestar Passenger
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2007 Ford Freestar Passenger

All Freestar models feature a standard third-row Tailgate Bench Seat.