Offering an initial glimpse of where Mitsubishi envisions its next steps into the electro-mobility arena may lead, the automaker released a sneak peek at two diverse clean-and-green vehicles it will present at the Geneva Auto Show next month. Each reflects Mitsubishi's ongoing commitment to a self-imposed goal of having 20 percent of its entire fleet be EV-based cars by 2020 and to helping foster a parallel commitment to developing new, cost-effective global architectures.

Developed using a brief calling for an HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) design that would be capable of serving both work and leisure needs on a larger scale, the Mitsubishi Concept GR-HEV Sport Utility Hybrid Truck takes the form of a full-size 1-ton pickup based on a platform that could also underpin an SUV. Power for the Concept GR-HEV comes from Mitsu's latest take on "Dual Design" technology and matches a Clean Diesel engine with a pair of electric motors -- a combination the automaker says would be simpler and more affordable than either a pure EV or plug-in EV alternative. While offering no other technical details on its blue-sky exercise in thinking big, Mitsubishi has confirmed that the Concept GR-HEV also is fitted with its full-time 4WD technology, featuring Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) integrated vehicle dynamics control system.

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On the other end of the size spectrum, the Mitsubishi Concept CA-MiEV is characterized as a next-generation compact EV designed to accommodate a host of new technologies that will allow it to move well beyond the bounds of being just a city car. With its aerodynamically optimized bodywork and lightweight construction, the Concept CA-MiEV is designed to accommodate the latest strain of advanced drive motors as well as new high-density batteries. It also can travel emissions-free for up to 186 miles on a single charge.


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