Infiniti has unveiled the Q Inspiration, a concept car that points to the direction of its next-gen luxury sedan.  Debuting at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the concept is clearly that–just look at the design–yet it also is packed with technology that is already making its way into Infiniti vehicles in the here and now.

Coupe-like profile

The Infiniti Q Inspiration represents the luxury brand’s direction in both design and mobility. Ostensibly a mid-size sedan, the Q Inspiration Concept has flowing curves and a rakish, coupe-like profile not unlike a current Audi A7 or Porsche Panamera. A pure concept, it doesn’t even feature door handles, and its side mirrors look the size of twigs projecting from the A-pillar. So don’t plan on driving this off the showroom floor.

Further up front is a double-arch grille surrounded by LED light strips. The sides of the vehicle are deeply sculpted, with prominent vents aft the front wheels. In back, the roof tapers elegantly into a foreshortened rear, with a waterfall of glass that stretches deep to where a trunk would be.

Futuristic interior  

Inside is a spaceship-like cabin with four tall seats that look like futuristic lounge chairs, a prominent floating-style shelf that runs from the dash to the rear seats. In back are twin entertainment screens that sprout from that central dividing console.

Infiniti says such cabin elements are designed as a “human-machine interface” meant for well-being and relaxation. Each passenger’s touchscreen offers a “mediation-regeneration mode” that minimizes the amount of data displayed and offers guided meditation. If you’re prone to road rage, this might be for you. Additionally, the car can monitor passenger biometrics.

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VC-Turbo powertrain

For all its style and systems that are likely years away from production , the Infiniti Q Inspiration concept already has an idea of the powertrain, and an example of it is set to debut very soon on a vehicle you actually can buy. Under this concept’s sleek hood is a 4-cylinder VC-Turbo–the world’s first production-ready variable compression ratio engine. Infiniti unveiled its VC-Turbo engine technology last summer, and it is set to debut in the 2019 Infiniti QX50 luxury SUV that goes on sale in the coming months.

ProPILOT driver assistance

Like almost every other automaker on the planet, Infiniti is endowing its vehicles with progressive levels of self-driving technology. In the Q Inspiration, Infiniti is touting new ProPILOT functionality, also first seen last summer in its mainstream Nissan division. A version of the system that takes some of the stress out of stop-and-go driving is already implemented in the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf electric vehicle. Here in the Q Inspiration, Infiniti says the system “liberates the driver from mundane and stressful driving. Realizing the next stage in vehicle autonomy for Infiniti, ProPILOT enables drivers to delegate more stressful driving tasks to the car and enjoy an enhanced ability to respond to hazards.”

It’s too soon to tell when and whether the Q Inspiration will translate into a new vehicle for Infiniti, but for now it’s an alluring concept that could point to the successor of a midsize luxury sedan like the brand’s current Q70.


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