• Infiniti’s Qs Inspiration shows off a future sport sedan built on a flexible platform
  • While the concept appears to have rear-wheel-drive proportions, Infiniti says that the platform would support all-wheel-drive functionality
  • Concept’s raised driving position pairs with “instantaneous acceleration and sustained power delivery”


This week, ahead of its global debut at the Shanghai Motor Show, Infiniti unveiled a teaser of what a future electrified sport sedan might look like. The company says that a production version will come eventually with a hybrid or EV powertrain option.

Named the Qs Inspiration, and not to be confused with the Q Inspiration launched in 2018 at the Detroit Auto Show,  the concept eliminates the grille at the front of the vehicle in favor of a small opening behind the Infiniti badge. The nose of the concept becomes one nearly solid form broken up by a pair of large wheel vents, the Infiniti badge and name, and a pair of high angular tri-slit headlights that wrap all the way to the very edge of the large wheelwells.

From the side, the Qs Inspiration gets a creased shoulder line that appears to carry back to the taillights, which are not shown in the early photos. The two-door concept appears to have more rear-wheel-drive proportions than the Q.

While the Q and the Qs Inspiration share a similar look, the Qs appears to be slightly simpler, as if designers decided to delete some lines and curves from the 2018 concept car and ultimately get rid of the grille altogether. In fact, from the front, the Qs looks a bit more closely related to the QX Inspiration that Infiniti launched at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, with its similarly blunt-nosed face.

It is not uncommon to see fully-electrified vehicles sans grille. Electric cars don’t need a grille for cooling, so many concepts and production cars completely eliminate them.

Underneath the grille-less skin lies a flexible platform that supports a variety of electrified models that Infiniti says would include a “high-performance” all-wheel-drive electric powertrain. The powertrain in the Qs Inspiration concept would be mounted low and connected to an e-AWD system “engineered to thrill drivers with instantaneous acceleration and sustained power delivery.” No further details were offered.

Infiniti says it has a “desire to challenge tradition” with the Qs design and while there are no photos of the inside of the concept vehicle, Infiniti says that the designers elevated the driving position inside the car to allow for better sightlines ahead.

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