The U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have just released a new label specifically designed to show the original EPA numbers and pollution stats of later-model used cars and trucks. Although fully optional, these new window stickers will allow both private sellers and dealers to provide potential buyers with this pertinent information for any vehicle back to the 1984 model year. While the idea of this kind of supplemental label is not new, this is the first time it's gone beyond the mere talking stage.

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According to an interview with Dennis Smith, national Clean Cities director for the Department of Energy that appeared in the trade publication Automotive News, the recently redesigned EPA label for new vehicles has been met with widespread consumer approval and the organization anticipates this used-vehicle variation on the theme will generate similar positive response. While the real-world mpg of a given used model obviously will be influenced by its condition and total mileage, the EPA feels confident that in the case of a well-maintained vehicle, the original fuel economy ratings should provide a reasonable approximation of what the buyer can expect it to return. The window stickers can be created and downloaded directly at

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