Chevrolet's 2018 truck lineup is about to mark its 100th birthday and the bowtie brand is celebrating the occasion with two special-edition trucks, a national rollout of its Chevy Legends Truck program, and a day to celebrate it all.

On the hardware side of things, Chevy used the truck-loving state of Texas and its annual state fair to unveil Centennial editions of its 2018 Silverado and 2018 Colorado. The 2018 Silverado Centennial Edition full-size truck will be based on an LTZ Z71 4-wheel-drive Crew Cab, while the midsize Colorado Centennial Edition gets its foundation from 4-wheel-drive Z71 crew and extended cab pickups.

Both trucks will be distinguished by unique bowtie Chevy emblems, spray-in bedliner, Centennial Blue exterior paint, chrome tow hooks and a sprinkling of the special emblem sprinkled throughout. The special-edition Silverado arrives at dealerships in October, while the Colorado follows in November. Pricing for the Silverado will start around $54,000, while the Colorado will open at roughly $39,000.

Inspired by the past

From the emblem to its functionality, Chevy's Centennial Edition trucks are meant to honor Chevy's groundbreaking trucks. Perhaps most significant is the very first: The 1918 One-Ton. While it looks crude by today's standards, this was the one that started it all for Chevy's truck lineup. Inspired by the vehicles used in production plants to move parts, it was a rolling chassis with an open-cab and an open frame that could be modified to meet particular needs. Power came from a 4-cylinder engine that made a whole 36 horsepower. Top speed? Just 25 mph.

Rich Scheer, Chevy's director of exterior design who is responsible for that truck's ancestors of today, described the One-Ton as a prime example of "form follows function."  Since that first truck, Chevy has sold some 85 million more in the century since. We can only wonder what one of those early truck buyers would think of today's latest Silverado, which offers tremendous capability combined with creature comforts that range from climate-controlled seats to in-car Wi-Fi. And in case you're wondering, the Chevrolet brand itself goes back even farther, to 1911.

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Enthusiast-related events

In addition to unveiling the two trucks in Dallas at the Texas State Fair, Chevrolet announced the national rollout of the Truck Legends Program. Initially launched in Texas in 2016, the program now has over 5,400 members.

The criteria for membership is to own a Chevy truck with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer, or to have purchased more than one new Chevy truck , including the Tahoe and Suburban SUVs.  Eligible customers can sign up at Once a member, privileges include access to an exclusive online community and a chance to attend special events and even get a first look at future Chevrolet models. Also centered around the unveiling is a 100-day centennial celebration that will conclude Dec. 16 at Texas Motor Speedway, where invited guests can get close to both other Chevy products and VIPs like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Naturally, members of the Truck Legends will be the first to receive more information and invitations.

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