Already well known for producing conventional supercars, Swedish boutique maker Koenigsegg rolled out its latest and arguably greatest creation to date in Geneva in the form of its first hybrid model. Called the Regera - which means "to reign" in Swedish -- this sleek coupe surpasses even the stunning Agera One:1 Koenigsegg unveiled there last year when it comes to style and design sophistication. And with over 1,475 horsepower, the company claims the Regera will be the fastest-accelerating as well as the most powerful production car ever built. Koenigsegg plans to make just 80 copies of the Regera over the course of the next five years, a figure it points out "symbolizes the principle of domination, control and achievement in Pythagorean Numerology." Each is expected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.9 million. 

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While sharing many visual cues with its Koenigsegg kin, the new Regera has a more elegantly contoured body which is set off with several unique touches including "Constellation" LED running lights that offer a starlike appearance, a panoramic windshield, distinct roof scoop, automatically deploying front/rear aero devices highlighted by an active foldable rear wing made of lightweight carbon fiber and a unique "fishtail" outlet for its sound-tuned Akrapovic titanium exhaust system. The car also features custom carbon fiber wheels.

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Providing dual-mode motivation for the Regera is a bespoke version of Koenigsegg's own 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 tuned to make 1,084 horsepower along with a trio of electric motors - one between the crankshaft and the Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD) transmission that replaces a conventional gearbox and one at each rear wheel to add extra muscle as well as torque-vectoring - that tally up another 690. That combination also develops a collective 1,475 lb-ft of torque, enough to send the 3,590-pound Regera blitzing from 0-249 mph in less than 20 seconds. Located in a carbon-aramid central tunnel, the Regera's 620V/9.3kWh liquid-cooled lithium battery pack can be replenished on the fly through regenerative braking or via a Level II charger using the port hidden behind its rear badge. 

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In addition to a full hydraulic suspension, active engine and transmission mounts and auto soft-takedown functions on all body closures including its trick swing out/rotate Dihedral Synchro Helix doors, the Regera's length roster of standards list encompasses 8-way power memory-foam seats, a primo Koenigsegg infotainment system, 3G/Wi-Fi connectivity, front/inner/rear camera systems with recording capability, Apple CarPlay and front/rear parking sensors along with remote-diagnostic and firmware-update capability.

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