2016 Chevy Volt rollout limited

By Bob Nagy on September 10, 2015 8:27 AM

Chevrolet announced that initial distribution of its next-generation 2016 Volt will be confined to key markets starting with California, Oregon, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and six New England states that have adopted California Air Resources Board Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) requirements. The 2016 Volt is still set to arrive in showrooms early in Q4, but the scaled-down launch plan will allow GM to move the 50-state introduction of an upgraded 2017 Volt model ahead to "early spring." 

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While Chevy says the 2017 Volt will have exactly the same powertrain elements and carry an identical 53-mile EPA electric-only per-charge range, it is slated to gain a number of unnamed additional "convenience features." At least one of those enhancements will include the Android Auto app which will complement the Apple CarPlay capability that's already part of the 2016 Volt's feature set.