If anyone questions Kelley Blue Book's devotion to real-world testing of our long-term fleet share with them the following: To better test our 2015 Kia Sedona I created human life. Ok, happenstance might've played a part but the reality is that my wife gave birth to our first child, an adorable baby girl, while I happened to possess KBB's long-term Sedona minivan. During this all-to-perfect testing scenario I was granted a unique opportunity to explore the Sedona's family-friendly bona fides.

Baby's introduction to the world was followed by a few days in the hospital. During that time I was often tasked with procuring provisions from the outside world. Whether threading a drive-thru or jockeying for a parking spot the Sedona proved agile and manageably sized. Building on those traits, the Kia Sedona is weirdly capable when cornering quickly. Granted, the most-thrilling minivan is like the most-talented rapper at mime camp but from this father's perspective anything that makes trips to gather onesies, diapers and nipple shields more joyful is worth praising.

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Car seat capable

Departing the hospital for the first time with our child was a bizarre experience. It's a time where the responsibility of parenthood comes into sharp focus and where early parental insecurities flare up like unrest in the Middle East. To avoid outing myself to hospital personnel as a dangerous ignoramus I'd practiced installing our car seat prior to baby's hospital departure. To that end, the Sedona did nothing to make life harder. Our car's power sliding doors offered easy access to child seat latch points on either side of the vehicle while ample space between the first and second row seats allowed me to install said child seat without compromising my driving position. In simplest terms, prepping the Sedona to bring home a child was a complete non-issue.

Like all good Californians our first stop after departing the hospital was a nearby In-N-Out Burger. As is typical the drive-thru line was lengthy but 2nd row window shades and three-zone climate control helped keep baby comfy and calm. We managed to nab two cheeseburgers animal style, fries and a strawberry shake without a single newborn shriek. Grub in hand we motored home; a short stint that highlighted the Kia's knack for insulating occupants from major jolts and jostling. In fact, baby arrived so relaxed that the missus and I ate our In-N-Out in total peace. It was a small, early victory made partially possible by a very accommodating minivan. Thanks for the assist, Sedona.

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