Like other baggers, Yamaha’s new Eluder is essentially a tourer stripped bare. In this case, the donor bike is Yamaha’s brand new Star Venture super tourer. Sharing the same frame, V-twin engine, suspension, brakes and fairing basics, the Eluder boasts the same 113 cubic inches of engine displacement (more than 1.8 liters), the same 126 pound-feet of torque and the same six-speed transmission with two overdrive gears.

The devil is in the details

The details have been altered, however. The 46 mm front fork and rear multi-linkage rear monoshock both have revised springing and damping to reflect the Eluder’s lighter weight. And, like other baggers, the Eluder dumps the rear topcase and the windshield has been cut down. Also, Yamaha’s way trick, electrically-operated Sure-Park system that moves the Venture TC backward and forward for parking is not available on the Eluder, one presumes because it’s a lighter and easier to maneuver motorcycle. But at 875 pounds, Yamaha’s new bagger is hardly a lightweight.

With the topcase — and its built-in backrest — gone and the rear seat thinner and narrower, Yamaha really does see the Eluder as a one-person ride. In fact, while the Eluder GT is available with an audio system and a considerable communications package (GPS navigation, CB radio, SiriusXM Travel Link and a security alarm), it doesn’t offer the Venture’s rider/passenger communications ability. That said, the Eluder is significantly cheaper than the Venture, ringing in at $22,499 for the base version and $23,999 for the GT.

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