Although the Kelley Blue Book editors drive literally hundreds of new cars every year, we could count on one hand the number of vehicles that earn anything close to a nickname. It’s understandable given that most of these relationships last about two weeks, but we also have a rotating long-term fleet of about 10 vehicles with which we spend a full year or more. I suppose we’re not a nicknaming group in general, but I’d expect a few more terms of endearment to spring forth given the wide range of experiences we have with these cars.

So here’s a new one: The Blue Flame.

With its electric blue paint and crisp, curving lines, our long-term 2015 Chrysler 200 can evoke the kind of controlled blue flame you see on a gas stovetop, fireplace or grill. But that’s not what inspired the nickname.

The Blue Flame earned its moniker because it has the hottest seat heaters outside of Sing Sing prison.

To be fair, level one radiates a perfectly humane and downright comfortable amount of heat. But unless you just walked five miles in howling sub-zero conditions after dragging yourself out of a freezing lake, think very carefully about venturing onto the surface of the sun that it is level two.

While seat heaters only barely transcend novelty here in coastal Southern California, for those living in the lands of annual snow and ice the Chrysler 200’s George Foreman front seats just might count as a tie-breaker when shopping the hyper-competitive midsize sedan segment.

Further bolstering its cold-weather case, the Chrysler 200 is one of just three midsize sedans available with all-wheel drive.

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