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Helping you find the right vehicle at the right price is what we do at Kelley Blue Book. Our annual Best Buy Awards, now in their sixth year, are the distillation of that mission in one comprehensive award program. KBB Best Buys identifies the top vehicles in categories that that resonate with the majority of new car buyers. As we have witnessed since the inception of the Best Buy Awards, the only constant these days is change. Vehicles that were once dominant players in the market, like family sedans, have lost some of their appeal. They’re still important, but the bulk of the vehicles being sold today are crossover SUVs and trucks. In recognizing the popularity of latter as well as the expanding nature of these offerings, we’ve added two new categories — midsize trucks and two-row midsize SUVs.

We are also cognizant of the coming wave of alternative-powered vehicles as well. While their percentage of the market is represented by single digits, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid offerings are growing in number. As a result, we now have divided the previous alternative power category into two, one for pure EVs, the other for plug-in hybrids.

In evaluating and selecting our category winners, Kelley Blue Book editors look for vehicles that deliver the best combination of quality, comfort, driving dynamics, dependability, low ownership costs and affordability. By blending all these attributes in the cars, SUVs and pickups that best meet customer needs, these Best Buy category winners are sure bets when it comes time to compile your new vehicle wish list.

How we determine what makes a Best Buy

The evaluation process for the annual KBB Best Buy Awards is a year-round effort. Our editors are constantly driving and reviewing hundreds of new cars, trucks and SUVs and use these insights to compile Expert Reviews, Top 10 lists, Buyer’s Guides and comparison tests. Early on, we are able to identify candidates that will compete in the various categories and in late summer, bring them in for rigorous side-by-side comparisons. We not only drive the vehicles over various test loops simulating the daily use of everyday drivers, but also closely go over the vehicles checking out interior room, amenities, comfort, quality of materials and build, infotainment systems and overall ease of use. We also do extensive homework on the value equation, determining the affordability of pricing versus the competition and pore over 5-Year Cost to Own data and resale value. The value is equation is critical, as a lower cost vehicle may not represent the best deal if it’s not able to retain its value over time. We also consider a manufacturer’s reputation for delivering quality, reliability and durability along with the length of both bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties.

With 16 different categories ranging from full-size pickup trucks to plug-in electric vehicles, the 2020 Kelley Blue Book Best Buys have something to offer everyone. Depending on need, there is a vehicle that that’s right for you and these awards are another tool in helping you make the right decision. In addition to the category awards, KBB also recognizes the Best New Model, an award given to the best all-new or significantly redesigned model that represents innovation and value.


Best New Model

Best New Model
2020 Kia Telluride

The spacious, sophisticated Telluride wowed us with its combination of capability, advanced safety, practicality, comfort, and technology, all at a value price. Read More


Category Best Buys

Compact Car
2020 Honda Civic

Backed by strong value, proven reliability and impressive features, the highly recommendable Honda Civic is our Compact Car Best Buy for the sixth year in a row. Read More

Midsize Car
2020 Honda Accord

The stylish, fun-to-drive Accord continues to set the standard in its segment with premium amenities, excellent tech, and class-leading 5-Year Cost to Own numbers. Read More

Subcompact SUV
2020 Hyundai Kona

The Kona’s appealing mix of practicality and style is further enhanced by cool tech and an extensive list of standard safety features. Read More

Compact SUV
2020 Honda CR-V

Last year’s winner is even better this year, boasting a variety of updates and enhancements that include the addition of the first-ever CR-V Hybrid. Read More

Midsize SUV — Two-Row
2020 Hyundai Santa Fe

Right-sized, well equipped and a strong value, the Santa Fe is a smart choice for shoppers who want the space of a midsize SUV but don’t need a third row of seats. Read More

Midsize SUV — Three-Row
2020 Kia Telluride

Kia’s largest SUV to date boasts sophistication, practicality, and value, whether you want a nicely equipped base model or opt for luxury amenities. Read More

Full-Size SUV
2020 Ford Expedition

With its cutting-edge powertrain and smart technnology, the Expedition excels as both a highly capable tow vehicle and a refined eight-passenger SUV. Read More

Pickup Truck — Midsize
2020 Chevrolet Colorado

The Colorado tops some strong competition with a wide variety of cab, bed, model and engine combinations, top towing capacity and strong resale value. Read More

Pickup Truck — Full-Size
2020 Ford F-150

The Ford F-150, now a six-time Best Buy winner, is the leader in capability, smart technology and versatility, offering models and configurations for nearly every truck buyer out there. Read More

2020 Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey’s practical, upscale interior and thoughtful features make this minivan arguably the best family car on the market. Read More

Electric Car
2020 Hyundai Kona Electric

With over 250 miles of range, a comfortable ride and appreciable cargo space, the Kona Electric can happily serve as a low-anxiety, high-value errand-runner and daily commuter. Read More

Plug-in Hybrid Car
2020 Honda Clarity PHEV

With room for five, a compliant ride, and 48 miles of electric-only range, the reliable Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is an impressively well-rounded car. Read More

Luxury Car
2020 Lexus ES

The ES provides Lexus levels of class-above amenities within its roomy, comfortable, quiet cabin, backed by trademark Lexus practicality. Read More

Subcompact Luxury SUV
2020 Audi Q3

The Audi Q3’s advanced technology, ride quality, standard safety features and driving dynamics propelled this entry-level luxury SUV to the top of its class for 2020. Read more

Compact Luxury SUV
2020 Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 returns to the podium for 2020, thanks to its impressive technology, well-appointed interior, sharp design, and sporty attitude. Read More

Midsize Luxury SUV
2020 BMW X5

The newest BMW X5 delivers a uniquely satisfying mix of technology, style, performance and luxury. Read More

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