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2014 smart fortwo What's new for 2014? 
2014 smart fortwo

There are no changes to the 2014 Smart Fortwo.

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2013 smart fortwo What's new for 2013? 
2013 smart fortwo

The biggest news for the Smart lineup is an all-new electric version. The plug-in Fortwo is more powerful and will goes farther per charge than its previous, limited-quantity EV version. The standard lineup sees the addition of two special editions and a Brabus sport package.

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2012 smart fortwo What's new for 2012? 
2012 smart fortwo

The Smart Fortwo receives a modest aesthetic refresh for the 2012 model year along with a newly available navigation system.

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2009 smart fortwo What's new for 2009? 
2009 smart fortwo

Fresh from its American debut last year, the smart fortwo sees little change for 2009. Daytime running lights are now available as an option, and a "loose cap" indicator light is added on the dash, alerting the driver when the gas cap hasn't been screwed on tightly enough. To increase storage space, expandable nets replace plastic bins on the side doors.

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2008 smart fortwo What's new for 2008? 
2008 smart fortwo

As an affordable, fuel-efficient but charming vehicle for getting from Point A to Point B, the 2008 smart fortwo is without peer.

About smart fortwo

When it first debuted in 2008, the Smart Fortwo drew a lot of attention its way. People were drawn to the Fortwo’s low price, miserly fuel consumption and ability to park in the most claustrophobic parking spots. But, after the initial glow faded the Smart Fortwo saw sales drop and rave reviews evaporate. Bigger players introduced similar sized cars with more power and interior space, cars such as the Scion iQ, Fiat 500 and Chevrolet Spark. However, the 2014 Smart Fortwo does have an ace up its sleeve – a pure electric model that sells for around $25,000. And, the Fortwo is also wildly customizable, letting consumers with an artistic flair express themselves through their car.