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2016 FIAT 500 What's new for 2016? 
2016 FIAT 500

For 2016, the 500 gains a new Easy trim, offering more features and upgrades than the base Pop while retaining a low entry price. The 500 now offers the UConnect 5.0 system with 5-inch touch screen, Bluetooth and integrated voice commands. Oregon joins California in offering the 500e electric model.

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2014 FIAT 500 What's new for 2014? 
2014 FIAT 500

A new 1957 special edition is added, bringing a retro look that defined the original car. Other changes include a new Ivory interior color, new wheels and a revised passenger seat that sits an inch lower to the floor.

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2013 FIAT 500 What's new for 2013? 
2013 FIAT 500

Launched just last year, the Fiat 500 hatchback was soon joined by the slide-open-top 500c cabriolet, followed by the up-power Abarth version late last year. For 2013, a mid-power 500 Turbo model slides in under the aggressive Abarth, and a pure electric, the 500e, makes its debut, initially limited to California.

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2012 FIAT 500 What's new for 2012? 
2012 FIAT 500

Available in coupe, cabriolet or high-performance Abarth form, the Fiat 500 is more affordable than a Mini Cooper and more gregarious than a Toyota Yaris. Simply put, the 2012 Fiat 500 offers a new mix of economy and style.

About FIAT 500

Despite getting off to a rocky start, the 2017 Fiat 500 coupe and 500c cabrio have begun to worm their way into our automotive heart. The pair not only prove that Americans will buy small cars even when gas is cheap, but that an inexpensive small car doesn’t have to be boring, slow or poorly equipped. Smaller than both the Ford Fiesta and Mini Cooper Hardtop, what the 2017 Fiat 500 lacks in passenger space it makes up for with its playful attitude, long list of stand-alone options and varied lineup, including the all-electric 500e and sporty turbocharged Abarth. A low price and high level of detail seem at odds when it comes to most compact cars, but not the 500.

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