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Chevy Stingray Concept: Could this be the Next Corvette?

By on February 15, 2009 12:45 PM
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When Chevrolet wanted to get the public to pay attention to the "Return of the Camaro" the General Motors marketing folks decided that placing it in the first Transformers movie was the right thing to do. As Bumblebee, the still-to-go-on-sale Camaro went on to become a star to a whole new generation of fans. Because of that, it is not too much of a leap to suspect that the Stingray Concept will have a starring role in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and a car that Chevrolet just unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show could the harbinger of the next-gen Corvette. GM design chief Ed Welburn is characteristically tight-lipped on that prospect, but he is quite willing to admit that the Stingray Concept plays homage to the 1959 Stingray racer that is credited to former GM design head Bill Mitchell. In fact the new Chevy Stingray Concept is evocative of a wide variety of previous-generation Corvettes, yet it has its own unique presence. Take a look at the video link to see what we mean.
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