Ferrari Engine Facility Gets a Solar-Power Boost

By Editors on January 23, 2009 1:33 PM

Intent on doing its part to ensure good-citizen status in the world of supercar manufacturers, Ferrari has installed a new solar grid array on the roof of its Engine Mechanical Machining facility in Maranello, Italy. The expansive field of 1075 Mitsubishi-Electric photovoltaic panels will allow the automaker to reduce the amount of power it draws from the local municipal electrical supply by 213,985 kilowatts each year. Ferrari plans to complement this solar upgrade by installing an on-site "trigeneration" plant which will become operational later in the year. When fully online, that new facility and the solar array will be able to produce virtually all of the company's heating/cooling and electrical needs -- and cut its CO2 emissions by 25-30 percent compared to their current levels.

While Ferrari may not be the first manufacturer that comes to mind when one starts thinking green, the firm has been involved in a continuing series of sustainability investments since 2001, when it was awarded ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management practices. Since then, Ferrari has greatly expanded the amount of dedicated "green" areas, both outside and inside of the grounds and buildings that make up its Maranello production complex. During the last six months alone, over 200 trees have been added to the 165,000 square meters -- nearly 41 acres -- of land currently devoted to helping trim down what is admittedly still a pretty substantial carbon footprint.