Over 40 Percent of Car Buyers Would Consider an Alternative Fuel Car

By on February 26, 2010 11:15 AM
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The latest research by Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence reports that 44-percent of shoppers polled would be willing to consider buying or leasing some type of alternative-fuel vehicle as their next new car or truck purchase. Data generated as part of its Electric Vehicle Survey indicated that of the choices now available, hybrids merit the highest level of buyer interest, appealing to 57 percent of survey respondents. That increasingly populous and diverse group was followed by Flex Fuel vehicles (52 percent) and cars powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology (50 percent).

Electric vehicles piqued the curiosity of 46 percent of those polled, winning kudos for their overall environmental friendliness and their ability to reduce reliance on foreign oil. However, a number of practical considerations, including range, cost, durability/reliability and the ability to recharge their battery packs quickly and conveniently remain significant hurdles to be overcome before EVs will be able to win over skeptics.

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