Nissan teases sports car concept for Sao Paolo Auto Show

By Editors on October 19, 2012 3:22 PM
nissan-concept-for-sao-paulo-front-tease-600-001 nissan-concept-for-sao-paolo-show--rear-tease-600-001

Providing an intriguing preview of a cool one-off that will formally debut next week in Brazil, Nissan has released this pair of images depicting what it describes as "a high-character concept, which will introduce a unique new genre to the automotive world." The automaker has yet to release its name or any mechanical details, but the car definitely does promise to be a head turner.

Nissan's new concept - which appears to be a two-seat coupe that borrows cues from both the 370Z and GT-R models - was developed in Brazil, a market in which the firm hopes to materially expand its presence from the current 2 percent to more than 5 percent by 2016. 

"The showcar will dazzle on two counts," said Shiro Nakamura, senior vice president and chief creative officer of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. "It is a genuinely new and exciting concept; and it will explode with energetic design and impressive color that fully express our impression toward the country."