Lamborghini Crossover SUV Concept teased for 2012 Beijing Auto Show

By Editors on April 23, 2012 7:36 AM

Lamborghini Crossover SUV Concept

While official facts are limited, to say the least, Lamborghini has released this teaser sketch of a supercar-like crossover SUV it will unveil next week in China. Beyond its obvious rakish profile, we do know that it will possess the kind of visual and mechanical design elements that led Lambo to unashamedly dub it a "revolutionary presence." Other speculation about this potential all-wheel-drive entry to its lineup includes the high likelihood of being fitted with a V10 engine that develops well in excess of 500 horsepower and the certainty of offering the kind of exhilarating overall performance expected from any vehicle that carries the Raging Bull badge.