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Model year after model year, cars just keep getting better. It seems every new vehicle we drive is both more powerful and more fuel-efficient than its predecessor. More comfortable and more fun. More refined, but similarly priced. Choosing a good car is easier than ever, but choosing the best car keeps getting trickier. That's why several times a year we round up category standouts and staff favorites and bring them together in lists that... Read More

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Toyota Prius: Made in America Starting in 2010

Rising gas prices and a weak dollar have prompted Toyota to adjust their manufacturing plans, and starting in 2010 the Japanese manufacturer will begin...

Tesla Works on Second Electric Car as We Wait for the First

For devotees of alternative-energy vehicles, Tesla Motors is already a household name. The company manufactures the world's only high-performance...

Ford EcoBoost: Green Turbocharging

America has long had an obsession with cars. Drive-ins, drive-thrus, an extensive interstate highway system and cheap gas have all made it easy for...

Pros and Cons: Natural Gas-powered Honda Civic GX

The Honda Civic GX is the only natural gas-powered car available for retail purchase in the U.S. -- and only to consumers in California and New York....

The 10 Cars that will Change Your Mind About Diesel

Diesel cars are noisy, rough and dirty. So say many Americans, whose negative impressions of diesel power continue to be reinforced by the noisy, rough...

List of 2008 Flex-Fuel Cars

The debate continues over the viability of ethanol as a mass-market vehicle fuel -- especially the corn-based variety that makes up most of our...

Chrysler Hybrids Join GM in Fight to Save the SUV

In this day and age, the term SUV has almost become a dirty word. Once coveted by soccer moms and weekend warriors, the SUV's popularity has taken a...

Welcome to Kelley Blue Book's KBB Green

Here at Kelley Blue Book we have our fingers on the pulse of vehicle buyers, because understanding what you need and want to know is critical to our...

Q&A: Living with a Hybrid Car

Whether your interest in hybrids is driven by a desire to spend less on gas or to reduce your impact on the environment, there are more issues to...

Hybrid Car Highs: More Miles Per Gallon, Refuel Anywhere

With a prohibitively limited driving range and far longer "refueling" times than conventional ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles, it's no...


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