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2016 Volvo XC90 debuts world-first safety systems

The 2016 Volvo XC90 will offer a pair of innovative safety technologies that will be introduced on this 7-passenger SUV slated for its formal unveiling later this month. The technology is designed to enhance driver and passenger survivability and offer a measure of accident avoidance. Both are fully integrated into the XC90's existing suite of safety equipment.  A new spin on survivability  The first of Volvo's industry-leading... Read More

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Video: 500 Miles in Five Minutes with the Mercedes GL320 BlueTEC

Diesel. For many the word conjures up images of industrial-grade trucks with loud engines that billow acrid black exhaust. Diesels have a mixed...

Three Green Engines Make Ward's Auto Top 10 List for 2009

One hybrid package and two 50-state diesels have been singled out for overall excellence in the 15th annual Top 10 Best Engines list compiled by the...

Aptera Renames and Revamps its Electric Charger

Recognizing that "Typ-1" never really quite rolled off the tongue, Aptera has renamed its soon-to-launch electric-powered three-wheeler the Aptera 2e --...

Ford Survival Solution Fast Tracks Electric Vehicle Programs

Ford Motor Company is the first of the Detroit automakers to file its comprehensive staying-alive business plan with congress, and beyond a host of...

Bosch Predicts Huge Gains in the Use of Start/Stop Technology

Auto-component supplier Bosch projects that the percentage of cars and light trucks fitted with fuel-saving start/stop technology will skyrocket in the...

Ener1 Exec Says Federal Funds Essential For U.S Advanced-Battery Biz

The Big Three automakers weren't the only ones who spent the week in Washington D.C. pleading their financial cases to congress. The CEO of lithium-ion...

Fiat Shows Solar-Powered Microcar

Offering yet another spin on next-gen zero-emissions automotive technology, Fiat has given its first public demonstration of an experimental microcar...

Nissan Commercial Van Arriving in 2010

In preparation for an aggressive 2010 entry into the U.S. commercial van market, Nissan offered a peek at its NV2500 Concept commercial van. Nissan...

Dumb Driver News Update

In Australia, a road rage confrontation resulted in a man waving what he called a "death adder" at another motorist. The snake turned out to be a non-...

MADD Proposes to Interlock First-Time Offenders

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), American motorists share the road with about two million drivers who have been convicted of drunk...


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