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Volvo's AstaZero: A Safety-Focused Proving Ground

Imagine a small town that was formed entirely to study safety. That's essentially what AstaZero is. Most automakers use proving grounds to test future vehicles in a controlled environment, where things like acceleration, braking, ride comfort and interior noise are evaluated as a car is made ready for production. There are also specialized facilities where automakers can test durability and reliability in extreme hot and cold conditions.... Read More

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Henderson to Lutz -- No Reprieve for Pontiac G8

In a fairly quick and definitive reaffirmation of why it's better to be the chief executive officer than the chief marketing officer, GM's CEO Fritz...

NHTSA Survey Shows Drunk Driving Down, Drugged Driving Up

Just-released results of a 2007 roadside survey conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that the...

Mercedes Will Build EV Version of SLS AMG Gullwing Coupe

Surprisingly forthcoming with details about its next-gen Gullwing supercoupe, Mercedes-Benz has now confirmed that it also plans to build an all...

Audi Celebrates Its Centennial with a Four-Ring Birthday Bash

A 100-year run in the auto business is no small accomplishment, and Audi is planning to make the most of that momentous event with a week-long party...

New MINI Crossover Likely to Wear Countryman Badging

While not slated to debut in production form until the Frankfurt Motor Show this September, word out of Europe now indicates that the upcoming crossover...

Pontiac G8 May Get Bow Tie Reprieve

Wasting no time in stepping back into his newly redefined vice-chairman's capacity, Bob Lutz today confirmed what's been rumored and hoped for since the...

Nissan Develops New High-Efficiency Dual-Injector System

Nissan has announced a new fuel-injection package that it claims will increase the operating efficiency of its smaller-displacement engines while...

Honda Confirms CR-Z Hybrid U.S. Arrival in 2010

In his first public appearance since taking over as the new CEO of Honda Motor Company, Takanobu Ito said that the automaker will expand its portfolio...

Dodge Viper Lives to Strike Another Day

The fate of the Dodge Viper was in serious question even before Chrysler entered into its Chapter 11 reorganization program. Slated for sale or an...

Reborn GM Brings Back Bob Lutz and Partners with Ebay

With its CEO Fritz Henderson promising to slim it down even further, speed it up even more and do everything possible to better focus its product...


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