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GM Furthers Commitment to Ethanol

Much has been made about the inefficiency of producing ethanol from grain, but what if we could instead produce it from garbage, plant waste or even discarded tires? GM has partnered with a company that's developed a system for doing just that. Using a process that involves microorganisms and a "bioreactor," Coskata claims to be able to produce ethanol for less than $1 a gallon, with a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 84 percent compared... Read More

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Concept: Toyota A-BAT

Designed to shine off-road, in-town and on the highway in between, the A-BAT represents Toyota's one-off return to compact pickups. Like the larger...

Concept: Lexus LF-A Roadster

At the 2005 Detroit Auto Show, Lexus unveiled a supercar concept they called the LF-A. At the 2007 show, they unwrapped a second-generation LF-A. This...

Concept: Saab 9-4X BioPower Crossover

Alluding to what will likely become Saab's first crossover SUV, the sleek 9-4X Concept showcases Saab's commitment to both driving fun and...

Concept: Nissan Forum

Created to appease the adults and children in any family, the Nissan Forum fuses a family minivan design with living room qualities. Features include a...

Concept: Mercedes-Benz Vision GLK FREESIDE

While Mercedes' C-Class-based GLK compact CUV isn't scheduled to join the party started by the BMW X3 until early 2009, the Vision GLK FREESIDE concept...

Concept: Mazda Taiki

Sticking with their theme of elemental concept cars like the Nagare ("flow") and Furai ("sound of wind"), Mazda has created the Taiki. Roughly...

Concept: Mazda Furai

The fifth vehicle in a series of concept cars inspired by the elements, the Mazda Furai is also the most operational of the group. Underneath the unique...

Concept: Lincoln MKT

Introduced as a touring concept, the MKT is awash in engine, design and production innovations. The "bustle-back" MKT is powered by Ford's 3.5-liter...

Concept: Land Rover LRX

Land Rover's latest concept incorporates elements of its environmentally friendly Land-e Concept with a stylish, coupe-like design. Despite its sporty...

Concept: BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid

Combining the sheetmetal of the automaker's latest production vehicle with a new hybrid powertrain that's also close to a reality, BMW's latest concept...


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