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Volvo's AstaZero: A Safety-Focused Proving Ground

Imagine a small town that was formed entirely to study safety. That's essentially what AstaZero is. Most automakers use proving grounds to test future vehicles in a controlled environment, where things like acceleration, braking, ride comfort and interior noise are evaluated as a car is made ready for production. There are also specialized facilities where automakers can test durability and reliability in extreme hot and cold conditions.... Read More

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2011 Tokyo Motor Show #1

Honda EV-Ster Please don't call it "ev-ster."  The Honda folks pronounce the "E" and the "V" separately, before "ster"-ing. While a different name...

2011 Tokyo Motor Show #2

Toyota 86 Apparently no one told Toyota that when Americans get rid of something, they "86" it. But we certainly don't want to 86 the 86, because this 2...

2011 Tokyo Motor Show #3

Suzuki Q Suzuki Q, oh, won't you be true?  Alright, the audience this urban concept is aimed at won't get that musical reference, but if your...

2011 Tokyo Motor Show #4

Volkswagen Cross Coupe You are looking at what its maker boldly calls "the future of SUV design at Volkswagen," and we hope they're right, because this...

2011 Tokyo Motor Show #5

Nissan Pivo3 Confusingly the Nissan Pivo 3 is the company's eighth EV concept, but who cares about what came before? Pivo 3 is what urban transportation...

2011 Tokyo Motor Show #6

Toyota Fun-vii Who among us doesn't love fun?  So for all of us in the not to distant future there is the Fun-vii, in which fun is self-explanatory...

2011 Tokyo Motor Show #7

Mazda Takeri Take the "Soul of Motion" design theme, add the SKYACTIV-D (for diesel) powertrain technology, sprinkle in the modern "four-door-coupe"...

2011 Tokyo Motor Show #8

Suzuki Regina How do you make a small car look like a big car?  Style it like a big car, which is exactly what Suzuki has done with its Regina...

2011 Tokyo Motor Show #9

Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept Subaru is the wagon-master, but this Advanced Tourer Concept is like no wagon Subaru has ever produced. This big, new...

2011 Tokyo Motor Show #10

Honda AC-X Do you want your hybrid to move you along in a leisurely fashion or would you like more brio from your plug-in? The Honda AC-X (Advanced...


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