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2014 Mini Cooper/Cooper S Hardtops drop in EPA mileage

Fuel economy ratings for the 2014 Mini Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop models have been dropped as the result of a disparity in original testing discovered during an EPA audit. These new 3-door Minis were found to have road-loads (aerodynamic drag, tire rolling resistance, and driveline friction) that exceeded EPA audit criteria when compared to the values originally reported by BMW at the time of certification. BMW has sent out new window... Read More

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Ford Helps Raise $1.8 Million with Warriors in Pink Mustang

By offering the "Warriors in Pink" package for the 2009 Mustang, Ford Motor Company says it has helped generate more than $1.8 million in donations to...

First Drive: 2009 Porsche 911 with Direct Injection, Dual Clutch

Salt Lake City might seem like a peculiar locale in which to reveal a vehicle whose sole purpose is driving pleasure, but in retrospect the choice was a...

First Drive: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro doesn't hit dealerships until February of '09, but we recently had the chance to slip behind the wheel of a V6-powered pre...

2009 Top 10 Back-to-School Cars

Along with choosing the right books, calculator and backpack for the upcoming academic year, the return to school often calls for selecting a new (or...

Honda Moving Ahead with Electric Motorcycle for 2010-2011

Honda has become the latest manufacturer to confirm that it is actively developing an electric-powered motorcycle and could have it on sale in some...

Lotus Designing Its Own EV Sports Car

A report in London's Financial Times reveals that Group Lotus is working on a new electric sports car which could make its debut -- at least in...

Michelin Postpones Challenge Bibendum until 2010

The world's financial situation has claimed one more victim on the road to sustainable mobility. At least for a year, that is: the 2009 Michelin's...

US Fuel Cell Council Asks for $1.2 Billion in Research Funding

Seeking to bootstrap commercial development of the hydrogen fuel cell industry -- from hardware to infrastructure -- the US Fuel Cell Council (USFCC)...

New Laws Ban Texting, Windshield-blocking Navis, More

New traffic regulations and the new year often go hand-in-hand. While driving laws vary across the country, here are some of the notable changes that...

Honda Preps FCX Clarity Rose Parade Pace Car and Giant ASIMO Float

The upcoming 2009 Tournament of Roses Parade will have its first-ever hydrogen fuel cell pace car, when a new zero-emissions Honda FCX Clarity rolls...


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