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This Week in Car Buying: Hot market takes a breather; Gas prices up slightly, consumption drops; California eyes new rules for used cars

Even though car sales are off to a hot start in 2015, Kelley Blue Book estimates that the March numbers have cooled a bit and rather than cracking 17 million this year, it looks like sales at this rate would come in at about 16.9 million. The decline of just 0.3 percent year over year in sales is seen as a minor blip that may be more weather-related than anything else. "Similar to last year, winter weather had a negative impact on new-car... Read More

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2010 Geneva Auto Show: Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept

Anchoring its display at Geneva, the Mercedes-Benz F800 Style Concept is a "research vehicle" that represents the automaker's thinking on how to best...

New Composite Material Could See Bodywork Replace Batteries

Researchers at Imperial College London have patented a new form of carbon-fiber laminate that they feel could end up replacing batteries in future...

2010 Geneva Auto Show: Opel Flextreme GT/E Concept

Offering a first look at the potential of applying GM's Voltec technology to a larger mid-size/full-size package, the Opel Flextreme GT/E Concept mixes...

2010 Geneva Auto Show: 2011 Lotus Elise

Adding just a bit more functional flash to its already formidable performance formula, the 2011 Lotus Elise rolls into Geneva with a host of cosmetic...

Buy or Lease Your New LEAF From Nissan -- or Rent One From Hertz

Nissan closed out a three-month/24-city cross-country pre-launch tour for its upcoming LEAF Electric Vehicle (EV) last week in New York City by...

First Look: 2011 Porsche Panamera and Panamera 4

Porsche is expanding its Panamera family for 2011 with a pair of new entry-level models, both powered by an all-new, Porsche-designed 3.6-liter V6...

2010 Geneva Auto Show: Citroen DS High Rider Concept

A one-off now, but rumored to be the precursor of the automaker's upcoming DS4 production model, the Citroen DS High Rider Concept will make its debut...

Young Love: Our 10 Newest Car Crushes

Valentine's Day may come but once a year, but we seem to fall in love every few months at auto shows across the country and around the world, where...

Best-selling Cars in China #1

BYD F3 The BYD F3 sells for about $10,000 and has been the best-selling car in China two years in a row. Next: Check out our list of 10 Newest Car...

Best-selling Cars in China #3

Hyundai Elantra (new model) The newest Hyundai Elantra helped trigger China's auto market boom at the beginning of 2009, in the middle of financial...


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