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GM Furthers Commitment to Ethanol

Much has been made about the inefficiency of producing ethanol from grain, but what if we could instead produce it from garbage, plant waste or even discarded tires? GM has partnered with a company that's developed a system for doing just that. Using a process that involves microorganisms and a "bioreactor," Coskata claims to be able to produce ethanol for less than $1 a gallon, with a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 84 percent compared... Read More

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Cadillac GM Reveals Latest Plans

The Cadillac brand has transformed itself from an old-person's refuge to a vibrant luxury enclave appealing in equal parts to up-and-coming young...

Concept: Ferrari 430 Spider Biofuel

To demonstrate that it's at least thinking about the environment, Ferrari has developed an ethanol-swilling concept version of the F430 Spider. By...

Concept: Saturn Vue Plug-In Hybrid

Based on the same propulsion system in the new Vue Green Line 2 Mode hybrid, Saturn expects the plug-in Vue to be the first regular production plug-in...

Maybach Landaulet, The Sunny Side of Extravagance

The Maybach Landaulet is one of those cars that we at have a hard time coming to terms with. First, we can't imagine those likely to buy it...

Concept: Cadillac CTS Coupe

Despite Cadillac's insistence it had no plans to build a coupe version of the CTS, here it is, ready to rumble. The CTS Coupe Concept is a true...

Concept: Chrysler EcoVoyager

Not to be confused with the company's long-defunct Plymouth Voyager minivan, the forward-looking Chrysler ecoVoyager is a four-door, four-seat concept...

Concept: Ford Verve

By Ford's count, 11,000 Millenials -- a generation that in 2008 includes everyone from 13 to 28 years old -- come of driving age every day. Almost half...

Dodge ZEO Concept: Mean and Green

Eco-friendly transports don't usually feature fiendishly long hoods, 23-inch wheels and zero-to-60-mph sprint times under six seconds, but this one does...

Diesels with Conscience: BMW's New Breed

BMW has been manufacturing performance-oriented diesels since 1983 but few have made it to North America due to the stringent U.S. emissions...

Ferrari Shows it has Environmental Side

When you contemplate hotbeds of the "green" movement, it is unlikely that your mind will immediately conjure up pictures of Formula One racetracks. But...


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