Auto-related recalls have taken on even greater prominence of late, with data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicating that millions of new and used vehicles are cited for various problems requiring corrective safety-related repairs annually. 

One in every four recalled cars unrepaired

While the NHTSA has applauded automakers' commitments to speeding up the recall notification and fix process, in any year, on average; only about 75 percent of the vehicles involved are actually repaired. To help move that figure up towards 100 percent, the government agency continues in its efforts to raise awareness about the situation.

How to check for recalls

Owners are urged to proactively take advantage of a dedicated online resource: By typing in a vehicle’s VIN number, an owner can quickly and easily ascertain whether it’s currently under recall. While NHTSA recommends visiting the site twice a year, it also offers downloadable Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps that supply the same pertinent information as well as social media alternatives accessed by friending the operation at or following it on

 “Recalls are a serious safety issue that should be promptly addressed,” notes a U.S. Transportation spokesman. “An informed consumer is one of our strongest allies in ensuring recalled vehicles are repaired. Do not wait to act if your car is under recall and the parts are available.”


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