Since its inception nearly a year ago, a Kelley Blue Book program routing donated vehicles to CARS (Charitable Adult Rides and Services) has topped the $1 million mark. A total of 556 nonprofits received $1,252,206 in revenue as a result of the donation program.

Of that amount, St. Jude Research Hospital alone garnered $469,639. The vehicles collected in the program are sent to auction and the proceeds sent onto the non-profits designated by the donor. Since last April, 2,507 vehicles have been donated and of that number, 933 were designated to benefit St. Jude’s.

This ongoing effort is a good way to give to others by disposing of that old car that’s just taking up space. Kelley Blue Book added the option to provide car owners a convenient, hassle-free option for getting rid of a vehicle they no longer need, while at the same time benefiting a charity that matters to them. The program enables car owners to choose from the more than 3,500 non-profits in the U.S. and Canada that partner with CARS to receive proceeds from vehicle donations

To get started, visit our Donate page. Select a charity and schedule the pickup of your vehicle within 72 hours of the donation anywhere in the U.S. You’ll receive a donation receipt when the car is collected which will entitle you to a $500 deduction even if the car doesn’t sell for that amount. If your car is sold at auction over $500, you’ll receive an IRS Form 1098-C with the full sale amount, which you will then be able to deduct on your next filing.

For more ideas on what to do with your old car learn more about all of Kelley Blue Book’s disposal options.

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