An avowed champion of having no one killed or seriously injured by or in one of its vehicles by 2020, Volvo announced next-generation sensor fusion technology that will merge all of the existing and future input elements - including conventional cameras, radar, LIDAR, GPS and more - into one unified Sensor Fusion matrix. This integrated framework will provide a 360-degree view of a vehicle's surroundings to monitor the immediate area for any potential threats the driver may not be able to see. That includes everything from other motorists to pedestrians and cyclists, each of which presents a different "signature" to the system.

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Capable of providing the driver with up to five seconds of advance warning, the Sensor Fusion setup uses sophisticated software to plot the best possible actions/escape routes to avoid an impact. That includes being able to auto-steer and auto-brake the vehicle should the driver fail to respond to the system's initial warnings. The latest development from a 4-year Non-Hit Car and Truck project undertaken by Volvo in concert with various academic and industry institutions, the Sensor Fusion framework is still about five years away from appearing in production models. 

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"Volvo Cars is definitely on the front line when it comes to innovative active safety research and development, notes Anders Almevad, Project Manager for the Non-Hit Car Project at Volvo Cars. "The technology is also imperative for the development of self-driving cars, which will be able to automatically steer and brake to avoid collision with any object in any situation. Our primary objective is to focus on preventing different types of accident scenarios. But going forward, we will also continue to work on developing cars that adapt to each individual driver's unique behavior," 

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