Used Hyundai Sonata
What’s for sale near me?

Above Average: Styling, features, infotainment, warranty, safety

Below Average: Interior plastics, steering feedback

Consensus: An impressive sedan with loads of features, plus surprisingly strong resale and reliability scores fast approaching the longtime segment leaders.

Used Kia Optima
What’s for sale near me?

Above Average: Sporty styling, impressive features, warranty, infotainment, SX Limited interior

Below Average: Some interior plastics feel cheap

Consensus: A very sporty and well-equipped family sedan with the muscle to back it up.

As the Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata share the same parent company, the two also share the same platform, engines and measurement. The Sonata is the less expensive of the two, with upper level Optima models offering more features and luxury, as well as performance. Both cars offer the same engine set, including hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. Resale and reliability scores are nearly identical, as are safety and crash testing. Both cars come with the same factory warranty and CPO coverage. The Sonata offers a more comfortable ride, while the Optima better handling and steering response.

Hyundai Sonata Advantages

Soft ride, cool blue dash lighting

Kia Optima Advantages

Sporty ride, more upscale features, luxurious SX Limited quilted seat pattern


Fuel economy, warranty, infotainment, safety, resale, interior features

Final Recommendation

Between these two, it really comes down to a subjective choice. The Sonata is a bit more elegant, whereas the Optima more sporty and racy. The Optima offers a few more luxury features plus a nicer interior on the SX Limited.

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