Toyota Motor Corporation announced global sales of its Toyota and Lexus branded hybrid models have moved past the 7 million mark. It took just nine months to surpass this latest million-vehicle milestone, slightly less time than was needed to transition from the 5-million to the 6-million total last December. To date, Toyota says its eco-friendly technology has saved 4.75 billion gallons of gasoline and led to the creation of 49 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions since it was introduced in Japan in 1997.

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Although the Toyota Hybrid System is still most closely associated with the groundbreaking and best-selling Prius that first went on sale here in 2000, total Toyota/Lexus Hybrid model count now stands at 28. At least one of those vehicles is currently available in over 90 countries. Here in the U.S., 12 of these fuel-efficient hybrids and the plug-in Prius account for 70 percent of the entire segment. 

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Even as Toyota prepares to launch its first production fuel-cell vehicle, the company remains fully-committed to hybrids for the foreseeable future. It plans to introduce a total of 15 new hybrids globally through 2015, including the next-gen Prius which promises to be significantly more fuel-efficient than the current iteration.

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