Toyota to add 10 new hybrids by 2015

By Editors on March 14, 2011 1:26 PM

As a fundamental part of a new Toyota Global Vision plan announced this week, the automaker has made a new commitment to refocus its efforts on developing a variety of new sustainable mobility solutions in the years immediately ahead. Fundamental to goals laid out in its 2015 Global Initiatives program is the introduction of about 10 additional new hybrid vehicles by mid decade. During this period, Toyota also said it will continue to expand its portfolio of plug-in hybrids, pure electric cars and fuel-cell vehicles while pursuing additional gains in operating economies of the conventional gasoline engines fitted to its products, all in a context of minimizing overall environmental impact.

In presenting this new "Toyota Global Vision," TMC President Akio Toyoda noted that: "Toyota will lead industry in tackling technological advances that will spawn next-generation mobility. It will explore possibilities in personal mobility, for example, and in the convergence of information technology for automobiles and 'smart grids' for optimizing energy generation and consumption. Toyota will undertake such leading-edge R&D with an eye to adapting products and services to the needs and circumstances in each market."