In creating a consistent protocol for refueling the new generation of light-duty fuel cell vehicles, the Society of Automotive Engineers, International, has approved a global fueling standard. This latest standard covers hydrogen fueling at both 35MPa and 70MPa pressure levels. It follows the May release of the organization's Vehicle-to-Station Hardware and Software standard for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) which establishes guidelines for wireless communication of the tank temperature and pressure between the FCEV and the hydrogen station. 

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Jesse Schneider, team leader for these two new SAE standards explained, "After 13 years of testing and development with the international automotive and hydrogen industry, the publication of SAE J2601 establishes the standard for which the first generation of commercial hydrogen infrastructure will be built. With this, the consumer can be confident that fueling FCEVs will be done safely and within three to five minutes resulting in a high State of Charge. This high SOC equates to a more than 300+ mile (500km) range. Using J2601, FCEV is the only Zero Emission Vehicle technology that equals the conventional fueling experience and range."

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Morry B. Markowitz, President and Executive Director of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association echoed Schneider's sentiments saying "SAE's light duty vehicle fueling standards for hydrogen marks a crucial step forward for the entire FCEV community, including dealers, fueling station operators, hydrogen producers and vehicle manufacturers. These standards allow FCEV consumers worldwide to consistently fill-up with hydrogen in a short amount of time, a major victory for consumers, and those who support zero-emission vehicles." 

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