• Front-drive EV is self-driving
  • Features wireless recharging
  • Striking design


The Paris Motor Show wouldn’t be complete without at least one wacky looking concept car from a French automaker and this year Renault didn’t disappoint with the EZ-Ultimo Concept. Looking like a cross between a large beetle and a bus, this living room on wheels offers Level 4 autonomy, and as a result, with no traditional steering wheel or driver’s position, turns its entire cabin over to its occupants.

The EZ-Ultimo is long and low and has a reflective silver glass area that allows its passengers to see out, but no one to see in. The roof is all glass, which gives the cabin an airy feel despite the busy lattice work on the side glass. And while it has both a lounge chair along with couch-style seating, the vehicle can carry only three people. This on-demand autonomous vehicle is designed to provide transportation to and from resorts, short day trips or a night on the town, according to Renault.

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EV power, wireless recharging

The front-drive EZ-Ultimo uses a single electric motor up front and is said to use wireless inductive charging to replenish the battery pack. The EZ-Ultimo rides on a super long 152-inch wheelbase and measures 224 feet in overall length while standing just 53.1 inches tall. While it is long and low, getting into and out of the vehicle is relatively easy as the door slides open and part of the roof folds up to offer a large portal to step through.

Inside, Renault says the cabin is fitted with the finest in natural materials including wood accents, which contrasts with the high tech connectivity designed to offer a wide range of entertainment options for the passengers. Whether or not we will see robo-cars as radical as this on the road soon is left to be seen. 

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