At the Geneva Motor Show, Pirelli introduced its new Connesso system, a digital connected platform that continuously monitor a tire's condition to provide real-time feedback to the driver. Using a small sensor integrated into the tire’s sidewall, it provides data ranging from inflation pressure and static vertical load to tire wear and number of miles travelled, all via a dedicated smartphone app.

Talking to the cloud

Pirelli says that in addition to logging the ID number of each individual tire, Connesso can accurately predict remaining tread life and accurately assess inflation levels without having to wait for the tire to cool down. A talented multitasker, the Connesso system will notify the driver when a tire pressure suddenly drops or wear limits are approaching and advise on the location of the nearest Pirelli dealer as well as pre-order a proper replacement and/or make a time-saving service appointment.

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Designed to integrate with a range of other smartphone apps – maps, restaurant guides, music and related services – Pirelli says the Connesso system will only get better with time as it's programmed to offer an even broader selection of functions. The firm is already working with several auto manufacturer’s to craft an enhanced system that will be able to automatically “read” the tires and interact with a vehicle’s on-board chassis computer to choose the best-performing suspension setup.

Colored sidewalls coming

Pirelli Tire also used the show to present a dash of style on its P Zero performance tires and Winter SottoZero performance rubber starting this summer. Initially offered only as replacement tires, both of these premium lines will be available with colored sidewalls – red, yellow, white and silver or various other custom hues – that offer owners an extra measure of personalization for any car fitted with 19-inch or larger wheels.

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Like the color-keyed racing tires Pirelli now supplies for Formula One racing machines, technology for these street-focused alternatives employs the same materials and techniques to ensure the sidewall colors stay bright and resist fade. The very first examples of Pirelli’s color-spec tire appeared in Geneva on supercars from Lamborghini, McLaren and Pagani but fitments for Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and Porsche models are coming soon with more makes to follow.


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