Nissan and ABB partner to seek second-life use for LEAF batteries

By Editors on January 20, 2012 8:38 AM

Nissan North America and power and technology specialist ABB have formed a new alliance with 4R Energy and Sumitomo Corporation of America to explore potential environmentally-responsible "second-life" applications for reclaimed lithium-ion battery packs from Nissan's LEAF EV as well as those used in electric vehicles produced by other manufacturers.

Initially, this program will focus on evaluating and residential and commercial applications of energy storage systems and back-up power sources that can store electricity from the existing conventional grid during periods of low usage and then release it as needed during times of peak use or to offset an outage. The first order of business entails developing a LEAF battery storage prototype setup with a minimum 50 kilowatt hours (kWh) of capacity, a unit capable of supping enough electricity to power 15 average homes for approximately two hours.

"It's important to Nissan that we manage the complete lifecycle of the electric vehicle battery pack, even beyond its use in a Nissan car," said Ken Srebnik, senior manager, NNA Corporate Planning. "Innovations in energy storage systems are becoming more viable as the electric grid gets smarter, and Nissan is proud to work with ABB, 4R Energy and Sumitomo to help bring these possibilities to market."