A series of Quick Polls recently conducted by Kelley Blue Book Marketing Intelligence has discovered some enlightening facts regarding the way shoppers who visited the KBB.com site feel about several safety and convenience features that are becoming more common in many of today's new vehicles.

The question that produced the most definitive response focused on whether buyers would be willing to sacrifice a conventional spare tire in return for a vehicle that would deliver better fuel economy. For 75 percent of those polled, the short answer was a resounding "no." Among those who said they'd at least consider this trade-off, over half would demand at least a 5-mpg gain to strike that particular bargain.

When the subject turned to the fitment of backup cameras, the reaction was almost as polarized, but in the opposite direction. An overwhelming 72 percent of those queried felt this safety feature should be added to the roster of standards on all vehicles, regardless of their size or price.

The feature that drew the most varied reactions from those polled was push-button keyless start. While 36 percent of respondents loved it, 13 percent hated it and 14 percent were indifferent. However, of the 37 percent who've never had any experience with push-button keyless start, nearly half said they would love to try it.

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