Making its debut at the Paris Motor Show, the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Concept previews the design thinking behind a “high-end, next-generation SUV.” Melding the latest Mitsubishi styling themes with an advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain and state-of-the-art connectively, this one-off was conceived as the ultimate “Ground Tourer” – which was the only name it carried when originally teased by the automaker this summer. The GT-PHEV is intended to shine on a wide variety of paved/unpaved surfaces while appealing to a driver’s sense of adventure. 

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The GT-PHEV Concept boasts an aggressive, futuristic look incorporating Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield front end, which features a prominent grille flanked by LED lighting elements. Deeply contoured body panels and a “floating” roof panel add an element of “sculpted dynamism” to the GT-PHEV’s rakish profile while the angular tail treatment boasts its own distinctive contours set off with slim LED rear lamps.

Tri-motor plug-in

Mitsubishi confirms the GT-PHEV Concept is fitted with its advanced tri-motor plug-in hybrid system. One motor is paired with a dedicated internal combustion engine that drives the front wheels and generates electric charge on the fly while an additional motors are used to power each rear wheel. Mitsubishi claims the GT-PHEV’s “high-capacity” lithium-ion battery pack can let it travel up to 75 miles on battery power and over 750 miles in combined hybrid mode. This striking 5-passenger SUV also has its own version of MMC’s Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) vehicle dynamics system.

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Inside, the GT-PHEV’s cabin features a cockpit-like look set off by Burgundy leather upholstery color-matched to the roof panel. The horizontal dash interfaces with a high center console to create a greater feeling of security. The GT-PHEV also features the latest in on-board connectivity to keep the driver fully informed on real-time data, from weather, road conditions and routing information to vehicle-specific items like energy management and AWD operation. It will be interesting to see how much of the GT-PHEV Concept ultimately becomes reality.

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