Mitsubishi Motors is preparing to launch an all-new vehicle this March in Geneva, and while revealing few hard facts, it has offered this initial teaser image. According to the accompanying release, this next-gen Mitsu is a "strategic and innovative premium vehicle, to be retailed sequentially during 2012." In addition to being the first to be developed in full accord with the automaker's ambitious "Jump 2013" program aimed at creating greener and more global products, it also will serve as a harbinger of a future styling language that will be incorporated throughout the company's lineup of cars, crossovers and SUVs.

With a new Mirage already shown and in the pipeline for 2013, most of the speculation as to what production model this concept may presage seems to point to the Outlander, but only time - or the next teaser image - will tell. From what we can discern from this first glimpse, it appears to share a fair amount in common with  Mitsubishi's Concept PX-MiEV II, a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) crossover that was presented last December at the Tokyo Motor Show. Mitsu execs indicated that vehicle offered more than just a hint of what we're likely to see in the upcoming Outlander model.

Mitsubishi admits some details of its "refocused design language" are still being formulated, and will require the primary cues to be flexible enough to accommodate specific requirements of differing types of vehicles. However, it says the "refined yet assertive" and "engineering-driven" look will serve as a new expression of the automaker's longstanding tradition of creating "technology tailored for today's world."

Mitsubishi further confirmed that we can expect to see it bring a number of vehicles using its innovative proprietary PHEV technologies to market next year, in addition to "other future significant breakthroughs..."

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