Mitsubishi said its e-Evolution Concept, a high-performance electric SUV prototype that showcases new technical capabilities and evolving connectivity, signals a new start for the company by building on its strengths of manufacturing SUVs and EVs.

The e-Evolution, which debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show, was designed under the company’s “Robust & Ingenious” design strategy. Mitsubishi says the e-Evolution has cross-county touring capabilities and fits into its strategy to expand and quicken introductions of electric vehicles.

The e-Evolution’s face includes separated headlights and a large black grille that sits under a glass frame. Cameras and sensors are protected under that glass and can be identified by a blue line border. It also features a long, angled front windshield and its appearance from the side is somewhat triangular. Large air intakes below the headlights are able to cool the SUV’s electric brake calipers and that air passes through fins on the SUV’s C-pillars before exiting at the rear bumper, aiding aerodynamics.

Athletic looks

The SUV’s athletic looks include roof rails on the sides of a mostly glass roof, a high ground clearance and large tires that stick out a bit. The back of the e-Evolution showcases eye-catching, Y-shaped taillights and a hexagon-shaped rear fascia that Mitsubishi says was inspired by spare tire covers of its Pajero SUV.

Without a gasoline engine and B pillars, designers were able to maximize cabin space. One highlight is the horizontal instrument panel that appears to float. A large, flat screen fills the dashboard and it displays navigation, outside conditions and coaching information for the driver. Two smaller screens show images from the SUV’s front and rear cameras. Controls for temperature and more are at the driver’s side.

“Full-glass windows provide near unobstructed 360-degree visibility, for a feeling more akin to a jet fighter than a car,” Mitsubishi says.

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Electric power

Power comes from three, high-torque electric motors and a “high-capacity” battery system. The battery is located under the floor of the vehicle, giving the concept a low center of gravity.  The e-Evolution also uses a four-wheel drive system powered by a single motor for the front wheels and a new Dual Motor Active Yaw Control system that works with two rear motors.

The e-Evolution also has artificial intelligence. Sensors allow the system to immediately read changes in road conditions and traffic, plus driver intentions.  And the AI system also has a coaching function to improve driving. It includes a training program for the driver based on skill level and advice is provided by voice or on the dashboard.

“Drivers of all abilities quickly experience a vehicle that behaves the way they want it, and soon they find themselves enjoying the driving experience to an even greater degree,” Mitsubishi says.

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